American Mary-2012

Posted: March 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

American Mary-2012

5 out of 5 Screams


“Mary Mason is a medical student on her way to becoming a surgeon. Struggling to pay her bills, she applies for work at a strip club. Before her interview concludes, she is taken to an underground room by the club’s owner, Billy Barker, and presented with a man who has been tortured. She is asked to save his life for $5000, which she does, then returns home in panic and disgust.”

And then all kinds of awesome weird shit happens.

This is the second film by The Soska Sisters. The first being “Dead Hooker in a trunk”. Which starred them, and played out like a cheap Greg Arraki flick. I cannot tell you how lame that movie was, if you saw “American Mary” first.

When I say all kinds of weird awesome shit, I mean it. You get some insight into the seedy, black market plastic surgery underworld. You also get some insight to extreme fetish surgery ( There is one character that wants to look like a real life Betty Boop) and if thats not disturbing enough, there is some “revenge” surgery as well.

The movie stars a horror movie veteran in the lead role, Katherine Isabelle. Kathrine starred in another great Canadian Horror film,  “Ginger Snaps” back in 2000. Its apparent that her acting chops have progressed, and Mary’s slow descent is well played by the actress.

The less you know about this movie the better it is. Its awesome and incredibly creative. I cant wait to see what the Soska Sisters come up with next.

American Mary-2012


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