The Dead Inside

Posted: March 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

The Dead Inside

The Dead Inside-2011

4 out of 5 screams

Holy shit, its a musical??!! Really??

Yes, its a musical. So if you are of of those people who simply cannot be open minded long enough to potentially enjoy something new and different, then stop reading right now. I know plenty of people who say ” I know what I like” and they refuse to try something else. Hey, thats fair. But youre missing some cool shit.

With that said…

The film is surprising for a number of reasons.

One, the entire film has one single set. There are brief scenes of a mental institution, but to be honest…I think its just another part of the apartment building.

Two, the film has only two actors.  Sarah Lassez,  and Dustin Fasching.  However, they play two different sets of characters. One set is the actual people that are in the movie, the other set is a pair of zombies that reside in Fiona’s imagination. However, Fiona plays a character within a character, herself. Sound complicated? Meh.. its not.

Three, its a musical.

Tagline: “Wes and Fiona are empty. While their love for each other burns strong, artistically their hearts have been locked in a box for years. Wes is a burned out photographer paying the bills by shooting weddings. Fi is the writer’s-blocked author of a series of zombie novellas called, The Dead Survive. At one time they were at the top of their creative game, but recently their muse has packed its’ bags and vanished without leaving a note. When Fi begins to show signs of schizophrenia, Wes does everything in his power to help her get better. Strange behaviors and breathing patterns escalate, and It is soon discovered that darker forces lurk inside her.

As it turns out, I liked almost EVERYTHING about this movie. The songs are well done, and they move the story along quite well. As a matter of fact, a pivotal plot moment is expressed entirely in song.  Im also impressed with what can be done with such a small budget. The attention to detail is pretty outstanding, and I would completely believe these two were a couple in real life. The story is clever, and ultimately..a tragedy worthy of Greek legend.

The writer/director Travis Betz is certainly someone the horror community should keep their eye on.


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