The Loved Ones- 2009

Posted: March 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

The Loved Ones-2009

4 out of 5 Screams


Reviewed by Chris

Tagline: “Prom Night Can be Torture!”


Well. First off, I thought Australia was a pretty uptight place. I mean, they have all kinds of media laws and decency laws. You wouldnt expect something as awesome as this to come from there. Well…I guess  “Wolf Creek”  came from there as well.

We start out simple enough. Its prom night, everyone is looking to get drunk and laid. We see some of the attendees drinking in the parking lot, having fun….well lots of people are. Lola isnt.

Lola is batshit crazy, and so is her father. Theyve decided to kidnap the boy from school that she likes, and have a little prom of their own. At their house.

In the middle of nowhere.

And lola gets really violent when she doesnt get her way. Just ask the other boys she’s had a crush on.

This movie was very refreshing. Firstly, Lola is a fantastic character ( Played by a brilliant Robin McLeavy). Shes crazy.. believable crazy. There are a few moments in the movie, where you are yelling at our characters to “GO” “RUN” or “GET THE GUN”. Usually, in a horror film, the characters do the complete opposite of what they should do. Not here.

This is Australian director, Sean Byrne’s first film.  He nails it.  Theres great characters, brutal torture scenes, and lots of witty banter.

I found it at RedBox. Well worth owning, though.


The Loved Ones- 2009


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