Cold Prey 2

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Cold Prey 2

Cold Prey 2 (2008)

4 out of 5 Screams

I know what youre thinking.

Really. I know.

Why in the hell would we watch part two, of a movie series that so vastly underwhelmed us the first go-around?

The simple answer to that question, is the “Sequel effect”.

The legend goes: ” Every now and then, when the stars line up and a sacrifice is presented, and a butterfly flaps its wings in Argentina, and theres a full moon, a child cries over a dead goldfish, and the Earth’s tilt is .75 degress off its usual axis…..a sequel is born.  A sequel that far surpasses its predecessor in quality and content, and becomes a cult favorite. This sequel is the chosen one, and will lead its franchise to victory.” 

Dont believe the legend? Let me clear it up for you: “The Empire Strikes Back”.

Still dont believe me? How about this: “Wrath of Khan”.

Now that we are on the same page….

Cold Prey 2 uses the all of the advantages that the first film had. They have a great cast, wide Kubrick-esque camera shots,  and artful direction. This time though, we have a great plot and some really great kills. But then I realized why I liked the plot so much….its “Aliens”. Which is also on the list of awesome sequel movies, in case you needed another example. *wink

Our survivor of the first film, Jannicke, is found in the wilderness and rescued. She is brought to a hospital, that currently has minimal staff because it is closing soon. The people that rescue her, have a hard time believing her far out story about a giant, that wiped out all of her friends and left her to do final battle with him. She tells them to go back and check for the evidence, they do. While they are away, she forms a relationship with a little boy. A little boy she later has to protect, seemingly reluctant.

The sheriff finds all of Jannicke’s friends…but they find her killer as well, supposedly dead. The town only has one morgue…and its at the hospital with Jannicke and her rescuers. There is little chance that she must face her fears again, she is guaranteed to be safe right?  Once again, our heroine is stuck in a situation that forces her to face the possibility of encountering the enemy…. again…..again?

We all know, he isnt dead, right?

The comparison to “Aliens” doesnt stop there, either. Theres even a moment or two where Jannicke has “had enough of this shit” and decides to take on the murderer herself.  Much like Ellen Ripley does in our beloved aforementioned sequel, minus the awesome power-lift. Same attitude. Same plot. Same movie.

Does this make it a bad film? Hell no, it doesnt. It was thoroughly entertaining and had some really tense moments. You also get a little bit of back story on our giant, mountain man killer.

Worth checking out, even if you havent seen the first one.

  1. Mats says:

    Thanks for a great review… / M

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