A Whole Slew of Turds…..

Posted: April 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

A Whole Slew of Turds.....


Youve probably been wondering…”Why havent those fuckers at One Thousand Screams been posting anything?”

Ill tell you why. Its because we have been watching what seems to be an endless cycle of turds. The above movies literally have almost identical plots. If I have to see one more movie with an abandoned hospital as a setting, I will stick a gun in my mouth.

They were not all TOTAL turds, per se. Som had redeeming qualities. But Im just frustrated that we literally watched these movies back to back and it was like being on repeat. I cant even tell them apart!! Which one had the blonde girl with the film crew? I dont fucking know, because they are all the same!!

basically, if like watching the same shit over and over, or if you like to watch the act of artistic regurgitation…then watch all of these back to back one day.


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