Livide (Livide’ 2012)

Posted: April 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

Livide (Livide' 2012)

Livid (Livide’)

5 out of 5 screams

Instead of writing a review, I thought about just editing in some production stills from the film, showing all of the truly disturbing imagery from this film. Like this:

That will get your fucking attention, wont it? There is so much weird shit going on in this photo that you dont even know where to start.

Tagline: “Lucy is a young woman who starts her practical training as an at-home nurse. She is trained by an older lady, Mrs. Wilson. The last patient that Mrs. Wilson and Lucy go to visit lives in an old mansion outside of civilization. Lucy enters the mansion, which is filled with stuffed animals, and finds Mrs. Wilson at the bed of the woman to whom she is attending, Mrs. Deborah Jessel. Mrs. Wilson informs her that Jessel was once a prominent ballet teacher, but is now bedridden and in a coma. Legend has it that Mrs. Jessel has a treasure of gold and jewels located somewhere on the property. After her first day on the job, Lucy meets her boyfriend, Will, and tells him of the treasure at Jessel’s house. Lucy, Will, and their friend Ben all decide to hunt for the treasure.”

Livide plays out like a twisted Grimm Brother’s tale. But its so incredibly dark, you couldnt compare it to those classic stories. The whole film has an “unreal” feeling to it. Like maybe the whole thing is going to suddenly stop and our main character is going to wake up in a pool of sweat, and it was all a dream.

The most interesting aspects of this film come from the imagery and setting. Their really isnt a whole lot of dialog once the ride gets going. Its not even needed.

A great take on vampire mythos, and a must see for any fan of horror.


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