Thale’ (2012)

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Thale' (2012)



4 out of 5 screams

Most people are not going to know what a Huldra is. Unless you are Scandinavian. Dont worry…its forgivable.  Female Huldes are skogsrå, skogsfru, or skovfrue- keepers of the forest. They are known to be beautiful females, with tails. The huldra have been associated with hunting; she might blow down the barrel of a huntsman’s rifle, or touch his bow.. causing it to never miss a shot again. They can be a blessing, or a curse depending on your countenance.   Some men are driven insane after being touched by one, and they are known to be nasty little spirits when you piss them off.

So dont piss them off.

Tagline:“Elvis and Leo-brothers- run a crime scene cleanup business where they’re used to cleaning up after gruesome deaths. They’re hired to clean up after a death where only half of the body has been found, but soon find Thale’, a hulder that appears to be incapable of human speech. She’s been held captive there for a long time and something or someone wants her back.”

Thale’ is a low budget flick, but where they didnt really have much money to work with, they make up for in atmosphere. They movie has a dark whimsical vibe about it. You dont really have any idea what is going on until about 20 minutes before the credits roll. So if movies like that piss you off, avoid this one. You learn much of the story through flashbacks of Thale’ growing up, her teenhood and her adulthood. It all comes together, but it unfolds slowly.

But the flashbacks also paint her to be fragile, and sweet. All the waiting pays off though, because our innocent and scared “Thale'” shows her true colors towards the end.

Really, dont piss them off.

Theres alot of cool stuff going on in this movie. Not to mention it was a relief to finally see something original after the “Slew of Turds” in my earlier postings.

This isnt a horror movie, per se. Not as much as its a dark Faerie Tale. An oldschool myth put into modern day. Apparently, the American version is coming out this fall. But I usually like the charm of original foreign movies. I like the low budget, and the creativity a lack of money often produces.

What do you do with a hulder if you find one in the woods?

Dont piss it off.


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