The Revenant (2009)

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The Revenant

The Revenant (2009)

4 out of 5 Screams

Tagline: ” The film focuses on Second Lieutenant Bart Gregory (David Anders) who has been killed under mysterious circumstances in Iraq.[1] Even though his friends and girlfriend Janet (Louise Griffiths) attend his funeral, Bart finds himself anything but at rest.[2] Enlisting the help of his best friend, Joey Leubner (Chris Wylde), Bart begins to understand and learn how to deal with his new undead state; mainly, the fact that Bart needs blood to hold back decomposition and that he returns to a state of in-animation during daylight hours. Joey does research online to find out what Bart is and seems to be stuck between a Zombie and Vampire, finally stating that Bart is a Revenant.”


Wow! This film was AWESOME.  The acting was superb, the effects were top notch and it was hilarious.  The Revenant was written, directed, and produced by Kerry Prior, who also supervised the visual effects on the film. Its really too bad it was such a limited release, because it will most surely be a cult classic.

Our two main protagonists bicker back and forth like best friends. Their characters are very believable.  They sound exactly like a couple of dudes, constantly fucking with each other, dick jokes and all. This is only amplified as their “situation” gets a little more grim. There is one particular scene, where our undead Bart decides that robbing the hospital for blood is a great idea. This scene had me rolling.

The whole thing reminded me of a Kevin Smith movie,  the dialog is vulgar and funny.

The end was fitting, and actually a little bit deeper than you would expect. I was expecting humor, but instead you get an almost melancholy ending. I wasnt expecting the mood to shift at the end. Not in a film where the word “fuck” is said probably a hundred times. A film that has a scene where a decapitated head uses a vibrator as a voice box, so his words are audible.


Give it a shot!



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