V/H/S 2

Posted: June 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

V/H/S 2



4 out of 5 Screams

Once again, we have a set of directors providing films for an anthology setting with a wraparound film that ties them all together. I will review them as individual films.

“Phase I Clinical Trials”

Possibly the weakest film, but thats saying alot since they are all pretty much excellent. This one follows a guy with a robotic eye implant that seems to be malfunctioning. Malfunctioning how? Well…he can kinda see dead people now.

The special effects were good, but it seemed a little rushed at the end. Like they just threw a bunch of stuff together at the last second. A good opener for what comes next.

The entirety of this film is shot from the perspective of the robotic eye, which makes for a great surprise.

“A Ride in the Park”

You know those “Go Pro” cameras that you can clip to your hat? The ones you use when youre biking or hiking to show your perspective of whatever bullshit youre doing? This short is shot entirely with one of those. What would happen if something crazy happened while someone was wearing one of these? Like the apocalypse?

That would be worth filming way more than your half ass mountain biking video, that you upload to youtube so you can force family members to watch it. I mean, that the whole purpose of those cameras right?  “Look at me!!! Im fucking important!!”

You know whats important? The beginning of the end of the world. Thats “Going Pro”.

I wont spoil what the film is about exactly. Its better if you just wait for it.

“Safe Haven”

By far the best of all the films. They shouldve saved this one for the final act.

Here we have a news crew doing an expose’ on an Indonesian cult that believes in “purification”. What does “purification entail? Well, its all pretty vague until a bell starts ringing out of nowhere. Then, here comes the crazy. This one is definitely the most brutal of the four shorts. It wouldve been plenty creepy without any supernatural elements thrown in, but that aspect makes it ten times creepier as we near the closing.

This time, the camera view is from the film crew, and lapel cameras connected to the interviewer’s shirts. This gives alot of the shots a first person view, like “Maniac” (Elijah Wood 2013) Which in my opinion, puts “you” into the film more.

“Slumber Party Alien Abduction”

Once again, we have another inventive camera angle. This time is a camcorder, set up to catch pranks that our group of kids are trying to pull on their older sister. Eventually the camcorder gets attached to the family dog, around the same time all hell breaks loose.

Whats the film about? Dont be a dumbass. Its literally in the title.


The wraparound story seems really lame until the end. But its a pretty solid ending.

Is it as good as the first V/H/S? I think so. It doesnt have the same impact, because now you are familiar with the style, and the setup. But i thought it was every bit as enjoyable. Solid movie! Check it out!



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