Sound of My Voice (2011)

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Sound of My Voice (2011)


Sound of My Voice


4 out of 5 Screams

Tagline:Set in Los Angeles, substitute schoolteacher Peter and aspiring writer Lorna are a couple in their twenties embarking on their first undercover journalism project. Their subject is a small cult led by the mysterious Maggie. Both Peter and Lorna have personal motivations to expose Maggie as a fraud.


I know what youre thinking if youve seen this movie. Its not Horror…per se.  There IS an over-all feel of dread, and you feel like there are sinister intentions going on once we meet Maggie’s cult.

What would you do if you met someone who said they were from the future? What would you say/do to prove that they are not? Its a hard question. Theres not alot you can do to debunk someone when they say that they randomly awoke in our time period. Maggie wears a respirator, because science tells us that someone from another time period (even as short as 20-30 years) would become ill from disease that doesnt exist in their time period. She is confined to the indoors of a townhouse in an undisclosed location in Los Angeles county. The cult members are blindfolded when they are taken to the townhouse.

Our main characters seem like the type of people that wouldnt drink the Kool Aid. They seem like people that can make their own judgments and are only doing this because they want to do an Expose’ on Maggie and her cult. But…how long does it take a skeptic to turn into a believer? How long before a charismatic leader pulls your heart-strings tight enough to make you believe in them? How long, until you are doing something unimaginable for this charismatic leader?

But better this leader for real?

Im a big fan of this film. At first, I was disappointed in the ending. But as I thought about it, it stuck with me the rest of the night. Then it stuck with me the next day. I thought about the psychology of the entire movie. After pondering the meaning of the ending for a while, I came to a conclusion. I know what the whole thing meant…at least, I know what it means to me.

The days after I watched the film, were just as good as actually watching it. You really have to pay attention to all of the dialogue, as the final act comes sudden, and abrupt.

The film is well shot, and in many instances stark, and Kubrick-like. Theres no blood. No gore. No decapitations. But this movie is unsettling still. Its an exercise in belief, and trust.

What will you believe in the end?


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