A New Savannah Scene Blog

Posted: February 28, 2015 in Uncategorized

So I have decided to start a blog here. Mostly dealing with the Savannah Music Scene. Which speaking of, let me address that topic real quick:

I hear all the time, in no particular order:

  • “Savannah sucks”
  • “There’s no music scene here, because Savannah sucks”
  • “Savannah doesn’t have diverse bands”
  • “Chris Horton is one beautiful man”

Firstly, Savannah doesn’t suck. This city is full of art students, artists, and some of the weirdest fucking people you’ll ever meet. It has more venues to play at than most cities ( you should see where I grew up. There was literally like three places…and a park full of bums). So Savannah does it’s part in the art department. There is literally everything you need. Now, is it being used wisely? Does it suck that we have to cater to 21 and up laws at most venues? YES. THAT sucks. I mean, if you are a pop-punk band or experimental electronica, chances are the bar crowds that average #5 years old or so, just arent going to “get” it. Younger crowds do. But thankfully….

We have the biggest network of DIY supporters and music supporters in general. Myself, and my friend Ryan Koch ( UNDEREXPOSED, Rock 106.1) will help out bands whenever we can. I will book the shit out of your band if you are great and professional. Ryan has his show on Sunday nights that exclusively plays regional bands. You cannot beat that. In most towns, the very notion of such a thing is crazy. So thats two people in your corner, that not only support the scene, but are musicians also.

Who else? We have the newly resurrected Coastal Rock Productions. Ive worked closely with Tim over the past few months, and his entire goal is to provide professional, safe venues for all ages audiences. Tim has brought people like Poison The Well, and Every Time I Die to Savannah in the past, and is getting his feet wet again by bringing in some out of town acts that people under 21 just wouldnt be able to see at most venues.Once again, something unheard of just a few years ago. If you were underage, you could catch a poorly organized house party that got shut down 20 minutes after it started. Years ago, that was your only option, or you could play Sweet Melissa’s. Which brings me to…

Danielle at The Bomb Shelter. A well organized house show venue that not only catered to local bands, but touring acts that are coming through. I hear she wants to start a record promotion industry as well. Im for it. Graveface Records also has great events, for all ages.

So Savannah doesn’t suck. Youre just not getting out enough.

Now…diversity. That issue…
Ten years ago there were a handful of us. Most bands knew each other, and we played the same venues over and over (thank god I never have to lug an amp up the stairs of The Guitar Bar again). But now, within 50 miles, there is literally every type of act you can imagine. Really, name a genre and I will find a band for you that fits the bill. The music scene is so vast and diverse it’s literally crazy. There’s something out there for everyone.

And finally, yes. I am quite handsome.

So I hope everyone enjoys my reviews, and music news that I will be posting here.

  1. Dan Sweigert says:

    Great job Chris, I agree wholeheartedly with what you’re saying here. Savannah has a lot going for it as far as bands, venues, and especially the media support which is pretty great. A lot of cities have WAY too many bands or on the other side, not enough, but we’ve got a great balance here where there are just enough people to produce some cool, more experimental types of music.

  2. Sean McNally says:

    I’m excited to have my new band toss our rowdy Irish hat into the ring with so many great bands and great people. Between Savannah and Tybee, there are more venues providing all kinds of good music than there were within two hours of where I used to be… You’ve got it real good here SAV. Come out and support.

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