Final Friday@ The Black Box Show Review 2-27-2015

Posted: February 28, 2015 in Uncategorized

Pridemeat/ I AM ENDSEEKER/ Solomon’s Ghost
Black Box Theater
Coastal Rock Productions


Last night was INSANE. The metal scene is alive and kicking in the 912. Three killer bands low cover charge, and an all ages venue. If you missed this one, you missed one of the best metal shows Ive personally seen in a while, and that’s not kissing anyone’s ass. I dont even know half of these guys, so Im being genuine when I say I was blown away.

And I don’t kiss ass. Ever. Ill tell you if you suck.
First up was Solomon’s Ghost, from Statesboro. They mix down-tuned riffs with some really well placed, pretty interludes. Dual seven string guitars fuel their sound, but don’t worry; you wont find any generic Djent-core here. They have a sound all their own.Solomon’s Ghost also have a severe diversity in vocals. During the many quieter, melancholic parts of their set, we heard clean melodic vocals and personally I would’ve liked to hear more of these atmospheric parts. These parts definitely set them apart from being “just another” metal band. However, when the wall of distortion hits, you have some really well-trained screaming and the atmosphere disappears to be replaced with heavy grooves with the whole band working as the rhythm section. Chike’s vocals reminded me of Cattle Decapitation, and a bit of Deaf Heaven. You had high screeches, and way down low growls that filled the room with bass. They blazed through a perfectly balanced set. This is a band to watch, because I think they are only going to get better. Keep up with show info by liking their page:


I AM ENDSEEKER hit the stage next. Hailing all the way from Jacksonville, FL, they really brought their A-game last night. I had heard their recordings, but they really don’t do the band justice. ENDSEEKER is clearly a live act. They have a trio of vocalists that all play their specific roles. As a result, their sound was huge, with plenty of pop melodies interwoven with screams and growls. I was totally surprised at the tightness of the band, and the detail in their songwriting. The songs are well thought out, and if I had to compare them to anyone it would be Deftones or Australia’s under-rated heroes New Way Home. There was a synchronicity of punk, metal, core elements that really sets these guys apart. They have an EP out, but announced last night that an album is in the works. I really cant say enough good things about these guys. They had a short set, leaving everyone wanting more. Add them on facebook to keep up with their news.


Pridemeat….what can I say about Pridemeat?

Pridemeat is the musical equivalent of The Evil Dead Series. Campy, tongue in cheek, gory imagery , and thoroughly entertaining. Twin down-tuned seven string guitars bring on an onslaught of sound. Tony’s vocals fall somewhere between Cradle of Filth and Behemoth, which seemed to be par for the course over the night. The entire show was full of very talented extreme vocalists. They manage to bring you a familiar death metal sound without ever sounding generic. Towards the end of the show, Pridemeat encouraged everyone to give up moshing, and start doing pelvic thrusts instead. Their on stage banter is just as good as their music, and to be so dark and heavy…they are a real joy to watch.LIke ENDSEEKER, Pridemeat is currently working on a new set, and a new album. To keep up with their show dates, like their facebook page:

You can also keep up with Coastal Rock Produtions and all of their shows by visiting their website at


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