Pridemeat – An Interview of Evil Proportions!

Posted: March 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

BY: Christopher HortonBlog pic


When you hear the name “Pridemeat”, lots of things probably conjure in your mind. You probably think they are Indie-pop or perhaps the newest Alt-Country act. But you would be wrong. DEAD wrong.

No one was harmed in this photo shoot….at least I don’t think they were.

Pridemeat is a ridiculously heavy, metallic onslaught on the senses. This is metal. It’s not “core”, it’s not “djent”. Its fuckin’ metal. They have an intense live show that puts their current recordings to shame. Fueled by down-tuned seven string guitars, and blast beats so heavy they could literally kill you.

Seriously. One moment you’re head banging, the next you’re taking a dirt nap.

I had a chance to force/coerce their vocalist, Tony “TBone” Meatsteak into having a little chat with me about their music, influences, and the overall essence of the band.

When did Pridemeat form and what were your aspirations in the beginning?

Well, Pridemeat formed sometime over a few months in last year. Nick and Gurt started jamming, Nick on drums and Gurt on guitar. They had a bunch of people come and go and try outs without finding suitable members. So they posted up some Craigslist adds in search of members. Our drummer Josh responded and came to try out on guitar. Come to find out Josh masturbates entirely to much which clearly meant he was better at the drums and Nick has been known to be a shredder on guitar, so they switched roles. I moved from Ohio (editors note: we encourage everyone to move out of Ohio) and had been looking for a Metal band for about a year. Getting desperate I did the most douchey thing I could think to do, I made a Craigslist add saying I was a brutal vocalist in search of a brutal DeathMetal band who were serious about their craft. They messaged me and and said I seemed perfect for Pridemeat and asked me to come try out so I did. I came and jammed and I’ve been in the band since. Later on we decided to part with our bassist Michael because he just wasn’t into the band like we were, and we let Billy, Nicks brother-in-law play with us cause hes the most Metal motherfucker we know. I’m not sure about if the rest of my obese bands aspirations are 100% the same as mine but we’re really trying to build a Metal scene here in Savannah and solidify having more music in this city for years to come. Bigger bands, smaller bands, everything in between. This city is dying for change but no one has the balls to say it. We also have dreams of touring of course and playing with more bands in different cities for more kids. Hopefully, we will share the stage with some idols of ours. Getting a chance to inspire kids to be what they want to be. Play heavy tunes and not give a fuck what the next mother fucker thinks. Be stupid and have fun doing it. All in all, play shows and get our music out to people, and hope that, that one kid in the back comes up amd says you guys are fucking awesome. Inspiring people is rad. Inspiring people while being brutal as all hell is bad ass. Those are all dreams I wish to fulfill, man.

You guys have a sound that sets you apart from being “just a metal band”. What are some of your influences?

I was a huge hater on a lot of music for a long ass time man. I only listened to Metal for the longest, Chimaira, Cradle of Filth, Lamb of God, Behemoth, Meshuggah, Pantera, Dimmu Borgir, Through The Eye’s Of The Dead, All Shall Perish, The Black Dahlia Murder, but my band members have opened my mind to broaden my horizons and made me not be afraid of my guilty pleasures. I listen to all above and below, and I’m not afraid to say it. Rock, Reggae, Punk, Oldies, Funk, and certain Rap I enjoy. I’m really loving the band Nothing More and Every Time I die. The Rappers Rittz and Hopsin are some amazing dudes.
I have a literal Wall of Souls. What do you think about that? Pretty cool, huh? Does that freak you out?
Hahahaha Oh hell no, can I see that mother fucker? That’s amazing. If its anything like The Wall Of Souls I’ve conjured up in my stories then seeing it would be a bit freaky but a once in a life time see so nawww I’m fucking down dude
Wall of souls
And I trapped every single soul myself for my master, Leviathan. Too bad my mystical wall of souls is in a closet. My wife will not let me keep it in the living room. She’s afraid the cats will tear it up.
Where do you get your lyrical themes/ideas?
Honestly man I write stories. I have for a very long time. Sometimes they only make sense to me, but its always a story. It usually comes from a time in my life that I thought of nothing but grotesque, vulgar, and unimaginable tales and I just translated that on paper. I love gore and scary stories/movies so that plays in well with my lyrics. This album we wrote is a take on my ancestors in the Aztec empire, but in a twisted fucked up realm with demons and creatures that forged a land of torture. Just my mind being fucked and probably the early stages of insanity.

Who writes most of the songs? Music wise?
Nick* does. The dudes is a genius. I give him a lot of shit and not enough credit, but he writes the majority of guitar lines, all the leads and a lit of the bass lines. He’s one of those guys who can literally make any riff sound better and melodic or brutal. He definitely deserves an ass grab from someone.

*EDITORS NOTE: Nick is a better guitar player than me. And I hate him for that. He is also well mannered and friendly. A true gentleman. I hate him for that also.

Whats the most un-metal thing you can tell me about Pridemeat? Like, do any of you like Taylor Swift? Personally, I like to sit my stuffed animal collection on the couch and play guitar for them….you know, put on a little show. They dig it.
The most un-metal thing about us as a band? Well I mean I know Gurt masterbates using tears as lubricant (Editors note: Thats actually pretty metal). Hahahaha. Actually I have a tendency of getting really drunk occasionally and horribly dancing to Tegan and Sara’s “Closer”. That’s as un-metal as it gets. What can I say? I’m a fire starter.
Thanks for your time, Tony. Next time, maybe we can throw in a duel to the death or perhaps have tea time. Your call!
You can catch Pridemeat at their next show :
The show will feature Awaken The Dawn, Sincision, and Isotopes 
Saturday, March 7th, 2015
Bigshow’s Burgers and Bar 
200 Lanier Dr. Statesboro, GA
Doors at 7:00pm; show starts at 8:00pm

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