Kittenfest 2015 – An Interview with Corner Shoppe Creations

Posted: March 3, 2015 in Uncategorized

By: Christopher HortonBlog pic

“If you can concentrate always on the present, you’ll be a happy man. You’ll see that there is life in the desert, that there are stars in the heavens. Life will be a party for you, a grand festival, because life is the moment we’re living right now.”


I Had a chance to discuss probably the most interestingly named festival Savannah will be having this season. I was pretty excited to find out what Kittenfest 2015 was all about. I frickin’ love kittens. I wish I could own a farm, and just have a bunch of kittens running around everywhere. Barn kittens, field kittens… People look at me and go “I bet that guy is into some evil stuff”. But while I may give a nod to the dark forces of Satan every now and then, I love me some kittens. Maybe I will just make this whole article my favorite pictures of kittens.


I have a job to do, though. You deserve to know about Kittenfest, Savannah.

Here is my interview with Sarah from Corner Shoppe Creations:

Where did the idea of Kittenfest come from? Do you organize the event by yourself?

The festival started as a plan for my 15th birthday party, ( I know… random year to throw a party like this) I had quite a fews friends who were in bands, and was already going to a few shows, so one day at lunch, we decided to have 5 bands play for my birthday! During the weekend before, My great friends (family) Tyler Cuttita of Omingnome, and my younger sister Maxine Florio were joking around, and decided we should call it Kittenfest. Year after year, more and more people would ask when next year’s dates were. And here we are today.


*Editors Note: Imagine my surprise/disdain when I discovered that we were not talking about actual kitten bands. In this business, you have to learn to go with the flow without letting your emotions get in the way. I continued the interview, but only because I am quite sure that Sarah can beat me up. She’s from Jersey.

What does the lineup look like? Are you trying to blend a bunch of genres, or cater to just a few?

There isn’t any guideline for our roster, in fact, the more random the better. Things have changed so much since our first year. The goal is to blend all cultures, to open the scene up to more collaborations. Along with NJ’s location and dates, We are honored to share this experience with the wonderful and Majestic Savannah, Ga.

This is the 10th year and 1st in Savannah, Ga! Our Mission is to provide a stage for a wide variety of talented individuals who desire to make a positive impact in this society. To continue its philosophy of nurturing and developing the scene, we enable music fans to experience the energy, excitement, and passion that have made KiTTENFEST one of the best ways to spend this summer.

KITTENFEST features 3 days, over 70 artists, overnight camping, 2 rolling stages, and mostly 45 minute sets (headliners excluded) ensuring punchy showcases with less fillers. We believe in the simple philosophy of showcasing up and coming talent by providing them with a platform for you to experience the dynamics of an arts festival. The entertainment is seamless and non-stop.

*Editors note: Youll get to see a LOT of Savannah’s favorites here, including The Dope Sandwich crew, Xulu Prophet Band, Broken Glow, Culture Vulture, and Omingnome. There is something for everyone here, whether you like rock, rap, folk, or punk! I would also like to note that there will be vendors from the Savannah Bazaar also, which features all kinds of local art.

Are you considering Kittenfest to be an annual event, here in Savannah?

That is the plan!

Other than Kittenfest, do you have any other events you are planning?

We are hosting another Kittenfest, back in its original state, New Jersey, and are planning to add another annual location every year. #noceilings

Finally, what do you think of the current state of the Savannah music scene?

I moved here just about 3 years ago. In the past two years alone ive seen the number of artists, an shows around town, double, if not triple. Personally its my favorite part of moving here. Although i wish there was a venue to hold artists that would bring out 1000+ people. Maybe that will happen in the future *crosses fingers*
Thanks Sarah! This is yet another great event that shows the Savannah scene is alive and kicking. April is the perfect time for any festival in Savannah, so I look forward to going out and seeing some of my favorite local acts.


425 speedway blvd Hardeville SC 29927

Come With Your ID. Event is AGES 18+ (No Exceptions).

*Unregistered vending, blanket vending, or walk-up selling is strictly prohibited, and will result in immediate ejection from the grounds.

NO Glass bottles: {this cannot be stressed enough!! Cans are cheaper} Extreme danger w/ broken glass. People walk around barefoot.

NO Under Age Drinking
** NO illegal substances

Respect your neighbor. We think kindness is contagious.

Keep the Scene Clean: Please clean up your area during and after your stay. Recycle centers, trash containers, and trash bags are readily available.



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