Bridge To Grace Acoustic set @ Rock 106.1

Posted: March 5, 2015 in Uncategorized

By Christopher Horton Blog pic

Bridge To Grace


I am very lucky to have cool friends that invite me to do cool shit. And I got to catch something really cool thanks to Rock 106.1 and Ryan from the Night Shift and UNDEREXPOSED:

Bridge to Grace are a rock band from Hotlanta, that stopped in to the Rock 106.1 studio for an exclusive acoustic set. The guys did a meet and greet while we waited for the pizza and refreshments to arrive, and are definitely some stand-up dudes. They shared some funny tour stories, including one about getting urinated on in the camper. If I were Bridge to Grace, I would start every single show with this story. If you want to hear the whole thing, you can check Night Shift With Ryan’s page, since he got it all on video! * Link at the end of the article

They started the set with their new single (which you can hear on Rock 106.1). The new single is “Bitch”, and while they have a clean version, we got the full monty. The song rocks pretty hard on their latest EP, and getting to hear it acoustic was really great. David, Alex, and Justin have near perfect harmony when they sing together. Bridge to Grace have a radio-ready sound, that I can see taking them pretty far.

They also do a great Sevendust cover. Which is definitely a band that these guys draw inspiration from. On the EP I can hear a lot of different influences too. Its heavy, melodic and catchy. “The Fold” is probably my favorite track, with a powerful intro that reminds me of Killswitch Engage. This is a band to watch!

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Program Director, Kotter gearing up for the rock, and Bridge to Grace playing “Bitch”. I wish I would’ve brought the real camera, but you get pictures with my 1986 camera phone instead. I literally had to develop these in a dark room in my garage. 

You Should definitely check these guys out, and their EP “Staring in the Dark” They have music streaming on their facebook page ( the link is below). Looks like they are heading to Alabama, and Louisiana next. have a great tour, guys!

Check them out on facebook, and give  em a like!

Thank you to Ryan from the Night Shift for the invite! Make sure you tune in to Ryan’s show weeknights at 7, and check out UNDEREXPOSED every Sunday night at 10 on Rock 106.1!


*Editors note: You can listen to this fabulous gentleman on the radio all you like, but if you see him in person, I wouldn’t trust him. I mean, you can say “Hello” and shit….Im just saying don’t leave any unattended drink cups nearby. I mean…just look at him. He’s plotting things in this picture, and also plotting as I type this article.


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