Bomb Shelter Records Interview

Posted: March 17, 2015 in Uncategorized

By Christopher Horton 10363792_10205941617037115_9205961443205621886_n


The Bomb Shelter has been the go-to place for house shows here lately. There’s been quite a buzz surrounding the place, and many touring bands have stopped through. But it has also been a great place for local bands to play to an all ages audience. Besides Coastal Rock Productions and their varied shows, and Sweet Melissa’s, there really aren’t very many options if you are under 21 and want to see a rock show. Ironically, that is usually the exact age group of people that you want at your shows if you are a band. Hopefully, that law will be changing soon. Because it’s dumb. Soon some places may be allowed to be 18 and up. But until then, we are forced to our own devices.

In the spirit of DIY attitude, it seems the Bomb Shelter is going to try their hands at something new: Record promotion. Still in the infantile (that means young. I’m smart.) stages, for sure. But i wanted to get the word out that this is happening, as I am pretty excited about it myself.

I had a talk with Danielle Leonard about her plans for the project. This is the first interview I have conducted that didnt require a bribe or blackmail. That must mean Im on the up and up….or Danielle is just really nice to strangers.

 The Bomb Shelter has become a staple of the Savannah music scene, what made you decide to take it to the next level with a record label?
A staple? Damn, I’m flattered that you would call it that! (Editors note: I’m flattered that YOU are flattered)
We’ve just been having
so much fun hosting shows and being active in the music scene, that we thought we could expand what we are doing and benefit bands in a different way. We are keeping it non-profit so that it stays about the bands, not the money.
I know you have an EP that is being released soon, what are your plans for releases in the near future?
I think the plan is to release the EP, then while promoting that we will be in the process of recording a full-length for the same band…we are kind of using them as our guinea pigs. Hopefully it proves to be a success and we can expand to more bands!
 Do you plan to keep the releases all local? Or maybe branch out into regional bands that frequent Savannah?
We are starting local and then maybe we will have bands from out of state, who knows!
In the future, you plan to have recording facilities to help the bands get their material out there. Can you tell me a little about that?
Well we don’t have a super fancy studio or anything, but Henry (label co-founder) is a sound major and will be recording the bands with his equipment. Hopefully we will release a full length that Henry will record for the band we are working with, Generation Pill, before this summer.
 Finally, if bands are interested in Bomb Shelter Records, how do they get in touch?
  1. Dan Sweigert says:

    Great article, BTW Graveface Records in Savannah also has all-ages shows on occasion.

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