Last Red Ransom – Snubnose Review

Posted: September 2, 2015 in Uncategorized


I first came across Last Red Ransom at the Wingmen Motorcycle club, where I was running sound for their show. I didn’t really know what to expect, as I had only heard demos from the internet at the time (Their debut: “Sleep Well Sweet Vanity). It’s safe to say, that I was completely blown away.

At the time, they were mixing electronic music, with bouts of guitar heavy rock. With dual vocalists Andrew Saint Woods, and C.K. Woods. They rounded out the live band with drummer Lance Adair, and bassist Zakk Morrow. They put on quite a show, and left a definite impression.

Just around the time I started wondering “What the hell are they up to?” I got a message from Andrew asking for this review. I quickly obliged.

The sound has changed a good bit, and for the better. It seems the band has taken some cues from Depeche Mode and Massive Attack for “Snubnose”. Not to mention Sneaker Pimps, Portishead, Hooverphonic, NIN and a whole myriad of gothic/industrial influences. They manage to take so many of these sounds, and make them fresh with their own spin.

The album kicks off with “The Electric Sky”, a great intro to what you are about to get yourself into. It’s a wild ride from here on out folks, strap in. “The Electric Sky” is almost a mantra, with repeating lyrics, and an infectious keyboard melody. Theres elements of all kinds of genres mixed together in this one song. You have Trance beats that lead to dubstep breakdowns. This is a continuing trend throughout the entire album. LRR doesn’t stick to one sound for very long.

“Burning Buildings” is a solid masterpiece. It’s brooding, and builds to a ridiculously catchy chorus. Youll be hearing the words ” I think I love you too much…” long after you hear the song. Hell, I’ve had it on constant rotation on my personal music playlist.

The albums flows nicely, and gone are most of the guitar driven elements of their previous sound. Not to say that the guitar is absent. But it takes a backseat on “Snubnose”. Gone too are the screaming vocals. Personally, I love what they have done here, and it seems like a natural progression from their other effort “Lanterns”.

Another stand out track on “Snubnose” for me is “The House”. Once again we have another melody that follows you, with a huge chorus that contrasts with the sparse verses. C.K ‘s voice really shines on this track. This song is just screaming for a remix, and I am sure there will be a few in the future.

“Welcome to America” is pretty straight forward with it’s tongue in cheek lyrics. It’s hugely atmospheric with a piano driving the main melody of the song. The NIN influence stands out here the most. The twist being Andrew’s solo, almost spoken vocals.

I was expecting a great album from LRR, but I didn’t know that I was going to be getting something so somber, and diverse. They cover a lot of sonic ground, while still retaining a signature sound that doesn’t sound contrived or forced. I especially love the way that the tracks “Giants” “The Living Trust” and “Etch” all seem to flow as one entity. I didn’t get to ask Andrew if this was a concept album, and meant to flow that way. But if it is, then you guys nailed it.

Al of the songs share an airy, melancholic vibe. The songs interweave and have a thematic, soundtrack quality to them. The lyrics are just vague enough for you to take your own interpretation of their meanings, and I personally love that quality in any band. There is an overall sexiness to their sonic landscapes that adds to the feeling that this is a soundtrack to an event left unknown to the listener. You don’t really hear much music being made like this these days, and while the style that LRR has undertaken can seem nostalgic, it remains independent from it’s more obvious influences.

I have an early copy of the album, so I cant really comment on the production. Andrew literally sent me an updated version of a song 24 hours after sending the original. The album already sounds great, so I can only imagine what it will end up sounding like once it has it’s ‘finishing touches”.

“Snubnose” is slated for release this month. Keep up with the links below for dates!

You can check out Last Red Ransom on their website



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