Nowhere Child Interview with Kerry Walsh

Posted: October 6, 2015 in Uncategorized

By Christopher Horton


Nowhere Child started out with Kerry Walsh, in his spare bedroom, with a guitar and a computer. Around this time last year he started crafting the song structures that have now materialized as their first album “Under the Above”. He spent a short stint in IAMSOUND with me, and I got to see these songs start as a good idea, and turn into a full album. Kerry is a transplant from Atlanta, where he played in several different projects. But he started started working these solo song ideas at open mic nights at The Wormhole, working his way into the scene. I would sometimes play drums for him, sometimes people would play guitar with him, but there was never anyone permanent.  Soon he realized that he needed to be in a band again. There was only one problem….he needed a full time live band. Enter Johnny Hill (drums) and Stephen Sebulski (bass). Both are old friends and collaborators of Kerry’s.

I produced one track on the album.  With that exception, Kerry has really put in a lot of work on this album. Doing all of the mixing on his own, and learning about recording by himself the whole time (which isn’t easy by the way, try making a whole song by yourself, then learning the programs needed to mix it).

After a bit of woodshedding over the Summer, the band is ready to get some shows under their belt, and they have a finished album for everyone to hear. I caught up with Kerry to ask him a few questions before his Album release Party on October 10th at the venue where it all started for him, The Wormhole!

Nowhere Child started as basically a solo project. Tell me a little about what made you start it, and where the inspiration came from.

NOWHERE CHILD was originally the very last concept our old Atlanta crew came up with right before everyone died from an overdose and had little humans and left me with the hotel bill. So I carried on. Johnny ( our drummer) is 2nd GEN  in this circus . His big bro Stevie was my rhythm player for years . We are family.

Now that you have a full band, do you see your sound changing as you guys write new material?

Absolutely , it has already shaped itself into the monster we were hoping for. Naturally, in any band you have a concept for a record or a song. Pitch it to the crew. They have a idea of what they would like to do and VIOLA! All of my Justin Timberlake songs turn into nirvanatalicaknot ( Editors note: Thats a pretty good description of the sound.)

“Dead Flowers” is a standout track on the album. What’s the story behind the song? What was the songwriting process?
Dead flowers is something very close to my heart . I wrote that at my fathers grave.. It hurts from a deep place to play it. I had a fucked up childhood . It touches on the guilt, the hate, touches on the loneliness… I was raised in section 8 area of Atlanta . It was rough. I learned everything the wrong way. That song. That song is me begging a dead man to come back.. That song is realizing I’m following the same foot steps.. That’s why I had my daughter sing with me the last 4 bars…. Fuck… Fuck that song man.
You’re new to the Savannah scene, coming from Atlanta originally. What are some of the differences you see between the two?
I don’t know, man. I love Savannah and have shown a TON of love to the scene here. I think you got to be here for a long while or something before they really give a shit. Got to earn it or something. It’s kinda the same in Atl except you can spread out a lot more you know ? So for example: I thought there were all these venues in 912 but it’s just dudes naming their bedroom something that sounds like a venue and having house shows.. WHICH IS DOPE- except I’m not cool enough yet so I can’t play. Haha
What can we expect in the future from Nowhere Child?
Duuuuuuuuudddeee…. You ever seen Metallica’s documentary “Some Kind of Monster”?.
Thanks Kerry!! Check them out live October 10th at The Wormhole for Nowhere Child’s CD release party! While your’e there, get a CD!



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