BBXF : “Parralell Points of View” Review

Posted: December 18, 2015 in Uncategorized


I have had the opportunity to review a lot of Savannah bands lately. So far, I cant say anything bad. It’s starting to piss me off. Can someone please submit something shitty? It’s starting to look like these bands are paying me off or something. I assure you, they dont…or I would have more guitars and a new motorcycle. But there is honestly some great music coming out. And BBXF is one I have been waiting to hear for a while.

BBXF have always been great musicians. At least since I first saw them. That was never the problem. While they gelled as a band, they did mostly covers. There’s nothing wrong with that, but when you are capable of doing so much more…

Ive been lucky enough to watch these guys from being just a weekend jam band that played covers and a couple of originals to becoming what they are today. They have spent the past two years honing their craft and what we have now is a full length album. They are one of those rare bands that you cant really pin down what their collective influences may be. Deftones? Pink Floyd? Led Zepplin? Chevelle? Who knows…depends on the song! I like that. You are constantly saying “What the fuck am I listening to?”

This album has been a long time in the making. I can remember hearing pre-mixes 8 months ago with Kevin. But the work has paid off.

Look. There is a serious and I mean SERIOUS lack of “Rock” bands in Savannah. By that, I mean most bands are metal, or punk, or some other type of genre. BBXF is a rock band through and through. Much like their current peers: Between Symmetries and Broken Glow. This is so refreshing to hear. BBXF is helping to fill a hole here in our scene. They rock, without ever getting into the abrasive territory. They are unassuming, without ego, and just want to rock.

Dont let that unassuming demeanor confuse you. This is the real deal. The easy going guys that you meet before the show, turn into rock stars when they hit the stage.

If you do meet them before a show, Kevin is a hugger. Just warning you.

There is a good mix of ballads, and all out rock songs on the album. Songs like “Gone” show that they really know how to craft an honest, beautiful song.  While tracks like “Bug Out Bag” are full on riff rock. There is something for everyone. We get to see a broad spectrum of style.

I have to say, that where they are at their best is the in-between songs. The ones that mix that great ballad-like song crafting with the hard rock influences. You can hear this on the track “It’s You”. Which may be my favorite track, because of the diversity. It shows the more mature skills that song-writers generally dont learn until several albums in. I cant stress this enough-rarely does a band nail down their trademark sound on the first try. It’s really an amazing feat.

I imagine that the lead single will be “The Haunted”, since a radio edit was included in my review pack. Like “It’s You”, it really showcases all of their sound. It also has a great hook on the chorus. This is a great track to lead-off with. It’s an introduction to the band’s over-all style.

I cant lie. I was blown away from the first track, “Truth Be Told”. Kevin Sorrell’s vocals are more confident than I have ever heard them live. He has a smooth croon that reminds you of Brandon Boyd from Incubus. But he isn’t afraid to get aggressive either, like on the second track “Chic”.

Zach Towns, however, can kiss my ass. Really. No one should be that consistently great at guitar. His solos are tasteful, and he knows when to back off and be the rhythm guy. I hate you. But I love you. I imagine that our relationship will be complicated from now on. Im ok with that. Sorry. Not sorry.

And now to kiss the rest of the band’s ass….I will talk about how solid they are together. Everyone is on their A-game. The rhythm section holds it down through all of the stops and starts, and there is some seriously melodic bass playing that you have to listen out for. The drums are never over-playing, which is amazing if you’ve ever know a drummer.

If you have a good drummer, you have a good band. But if you have a GREAT drummer, you have a legendary band.


But Im not just here to kiss ass. I do have a few criticisms. The main thing being the production. It’s almost too polished. There is a good deal of studio magic going on, but never to the point of it taking over the sound of the band. Like I said, Its a minor little complaint. I would prefer to hear them a little more raw, and less “radio ready/friendly”.  On the flip-side, I also know that they can pull off most of this stuff live, so the few areas where studio magic did its work, are really irrelevant. But hey, just personal taste.

But hey, the fact is they have a great sounding album, regardless of my personal taste. I think it will appeal to a great deal of personalities, and can easily cross genres. I hope this a sign that the Savannah scene isn’t afraid of rock bands, or bands that can appeal to a larger crowd.

Hipsters beware. The rock is coming in 2016.

The Album release party will be at The Barrelhouse South Jan. 8th with guests Broken Glow and Akilavue.


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