Broken Glow- “Filament” Review

Posted: February 1, 2016 in Uncategorized

11214071_10153408316694631_8351503886820396446_nBy David Coooke

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Savannah has always been one of the best kept secrets for having a very unique art and music culture and this album is the exemplar.  The entire album has a vibe to it that I think everyone can appreciate.  The music is straight up rock and roll each song takes you to a different place. The album has a diversity that is unparalleled in today’s sterile standards.  Having been recorded in analog (on tape) it clearly shows these guys pulled out all the stops to make this the best they could.

“Blister” is my favorite track. It is straight forward, with a catchy melody and an upbeat groove that just grabs your attention.  Second on my favorite list is definitely “Blue Dream”; it somehow captures the nostalgia of a good Saturday night in downtown Savannah.  It combines bluesy rock sounds with a bit more edge, that makes it very contemporary.

“Iconoclast” is definitely the heaviest song on the album with all of the ingredients that make a good jam: heavy drums, powerful guitar rhythms, and a soaring solo.

“Smoke” definitely shows the bands diversity as songwriters and musicians by having very great dynamics to it.  I seem to find myself singing the chorus every time I hear it.

Every song is different but something about the way everything is written its got some glue in there that makes it all cohesive  Writing albums is something that seems like a lost art, but these guys have certainly done well.

This isn’t a collection of songs. It IS an ALBUM and I strongly suggest you give it a listen in its entirety.  Every time I hear it, I hear something new. It just seems to flow together like a good book.  This is just great music- every instrument and every musician plays to the interest of the song.  Overall I’d give it a 10/10! Everything is solid. This is the kind of music the world needs.  This is the kind of music that makes every ten year old kid want to pick up a guitar and start a rock band.

Good job you guys!

*****David is a local producer, engineer, and musician here in Savannah. He currently operates out of Pepper Town Studios where he has worked with bands like PRIDEMEAT. HONESTLIE, and AWAKEN THE DAWN. He has a knack for really capturing the energy of a band in the studio. He is new to writing music reviews and we are happy to have him as a guest here at This City Is Haunted. David is a self-professed gear junkie and can talk shop with you all day. You can contact David by visiting his website:********


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